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Introduction to DMTO Unit

It adopts the DMTO (Methanol to Olefin) technology of the independent intellectual property of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Olefin separation applies the olefin separation technology of independent intellectual property of Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

The production of the equipment marks the successful realization of industrial and commercial operation of DMTO and olefin separation integrated technology of entirely independently intellectual property of China.


Introduction to PP Unit

UNIPOL  PP  production  technology  of  the  Dow  Chemical  Company  is  adopted. The  technology  adopts  gas  phase  fluidized-bed  reactor  system. Its  two  tandem  reactor  systems  can  flexibly  produce  PP  products  of  all  ranges. UNIPOL  technology  adopts  the  4th  generation  of  SHAC  series  of  catalyst. Multiple  kinds  of  homopolymers  and  random  copolymers, impact  copolymers  and  other  PP  specialty  products  can  be  produced  with  the  same  catalyst.

Introduction to EVA Unit

ExxonMobil  autoclave  technology  is  adopted. It  can  produce  high-end  EVA  products  with  wide  range  of  VA  contents  within  3-35%  and  melt  index (MI)  within  0.2-450  as  well  as  LDPE  products. The  products  are  mainly  applied  to  foaming,  wire & cable,  extrusion  coating,  photovoltaic  encapsulation, hot  melt  adhesives,  film,  and  other  applications. 

Introduction to EO Equipment

Direct ethylene oxidization technology of Scientific Design Company Inc. for ethylene oxide production is adopted. The technology can fulfill the requirement of large scale industrial production with reasonable raw material and energy utilization and low manufacturing cost. High circulation ratio operation is adopted to keep a relatively low ethylene conversion per pass to gain high selectivity; it is characterized by advantages of highly selective catalyst, low reaction temperature, simple process, high product purity and low investment costs.

Introduction to Alkoxylation Equipment

The 5th generation of alkoxylation technology of Desmet Ballestra S.P.A is adopted with the reinforced loop reactor reaction system. It produces polyether, alcohol ether and polyethylene glycol products. The product portfolio covers all types of alkoxylation products applied to home care and personal care, textile, plastic processing, papermaking, construction, photovoltaic and other different applications.