Levima Chemicals' 90,000 tons/year VA Plant Successfully Put into Production

       On January 13, 2024, Levima Advanced Materials Corporation's, Ltd's wholly-owned subsidiary, Levima (Shandong) Chemicals Co., Ltd's 90,000 tons/year Vinyl Acetate (VA) plant had a successful test run and produced qualified VA products on January 14, which made the plant start-up a complete success. At present, the VA plant has realized continuous and stable operation.

       Levima Chemicals' 90,000 tons/year VA plant adopts mature and advanced technology in China, and uses Levima Advanced Materials' self-produced ethylene as raw material, and the VA products are mainly supplied to Levima Advanced Materials' EVA plant for production. The construction of VA plant started in October 2022, and on October 31, 2023, the mechanical completion was completed. The successful commissioning of the plant complements Levima Advanced Materials' industrial chain, and will help Levima Advanced Materials realize the complete self-supply of VA raw materials for the existing EVA plant, and will fully guarantee the stable supply of VA raw materials for the 200,000 tons/year EVA plant under construction, which will further reduce the production cost and bring a positive impact on Levima Advanced Materials' operation.